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My Black -n- White album is now on iTunes,

Download here: Black -n- White by Johnny STRAWS


My name is Johnny I write, sing, and compose original songs spanning several genres.

I have a decent home recording setup complete with electric guitar, 2 acoustic guitars, bass guitar, Electronic drums, 2 SHURE MIC’s and 1 BLUE condenser MIC’s, I use PRO TOOLS to record my music.

I dont upload any of my songs on this website however, you can visit my Reverbnation Profile to listen/ download all my songs FREE.

Click here to visit my Reverbnation Profile: Click Here To Listen

I write in several genres including Country Rock, Punk Rock, Pop Rock, Blues Rock, Alternative Rock, Grunge Rock and the occasional Rock Ballad, so I am sure you will find something you like.

I love feedback so don’t be shy.

Thanks for listening and being a fan

~Johnny STRAWS

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